¿Se pregunta cuál es el precio correcto en cada momento?
¿Quiere maximizar sus beneficios?
¿No sabe cuál es la estrategia de venta más acertada?
¿Necesitas a alguien que te ayude a ponerte al día?

Rinovo quiere sacar el potencial de tu establecimiento y darle un cambio hacia el éxito.

Contacte con nosotros y resolveremos todas sus dudas.

Working Methods

Personalised product

We work with Booking Position, pick up, Pace Report, groups and booking simulators, sale’s segmentation, rate structure, competitor’s reports, daily dashboard and Booking Forecast to get RELIABLE RESULTS.

Free audit

We mark the potential growth of your hotel through occupancy, average rate, net margin, accommodation income and total income analysis.

“In situ” tracking

Monthly and weekly meetings with the hotel team where we put in common the work done and the next steps to follow to guarantee the forecast, OUTLINING THE STRATEGY.

Daily communication

Daily talks with our clients.
Rinovo works for you every day and for this reason, we stablish a daily routine.

Success examples

Young, Dynamic and Perfectionist Team.

Rinovo Consulting

RINOVO is a specialised company in Yield and Revenue Management with more than 14 years of experience optimizing the profitability of establishments through the best strategies and an efficient management of commercialisation.

We have a portfolio of 15 hotels and apartments in such different destinations as:

  • Platja d’Aro, Begur, Calella de Palafrugell, la Garriga and Girona
  • Pirineu Català
  • Barcelona
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Our Team


Manuel Cabrera

Founder & Director

``Yield is not a tool, it is a focused attitude to a target, driving each product to the best performance at each moment and for each client.``

Lucía Sanz

Project Manager

``When data analysis and business intelligence are connected, the result is always an improvement focused on perfection.``

Adriana Renom

Principal Revenue Manager

``The trend is a clue, look for it, follow it, analyse it and you will get ahead of future events.``

Years’ experience
Coffees with clients
Current projects

The success of your business

With exactitude and experience

Revenue in house integral

RESULTS. We reach the gross and net marked targets through 360º audits, working to exceed the budget profits.


PROFESSIONALISM. Experts in Business Intelligence we adjust our reports with your tools and information systems to guarantee the best results.

Support and advising

EXPERIENCE. We are at your service in Revenue Management to help your hotel to improve in all its areas. We give advice thanks to our expertise.


EFFICIENCY. Immediate answer, measurable and sustainable in time thanks to our constant evolution. Not only are we loyal but also devoted.

Team Work

COACHING. Training your analytical creativity and defining strategies together. We work as a team to confirm that we will get the biggest growth cooperating, communicating and training.


COMMITMENT. Due to our expertise and complete personalization, Rinovo is loyal to each client. For this reason, we sign geographic location exclusivity.

Don’t you know which is the right sales strategy for your property?
Do you need someone to keep you updated?
Rinovo will find the possibilities and will lead your property to success.
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